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"Ouvertures virtuoses, temperament dramatique, sensibilite instrumentale, l'ecriture seduisante, moins creuse qu'il n'y parait, remarquablement argumentee par les excellents instrumentistes de Musica Viva, se devoile dans ce disque jubilatoire"

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Past Events

2013 June 22
Weilburger Schloss
Tour to Weilburg
Weilburger Schlosskonzerte Festival
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2013 May 25
Smolensk Philharmonic Concert Hall
Tour to Smolensk
The Opening Concert of the International Michail Glinka Music Festival
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2013 May 20
Rodina Palace of Culture, Kyrov, Russia
Tour to Kyrov
Soloist and conductor Alexander Rudin
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2013 April 22
Concert Hall of Russian Academy of Music
The SILVER CLASSIC Subscription is on sale!!!
Season 2013-2014
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2013 April 15
The Armoury Chamber of the Moscow Kremlin
The 16th International Festival Musical Kremlin named after Nikolai Petrov
Soloist Alexander Kobrin (piano)
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2013 April 11
Tchaikovsky Concert Hall
Dedication to Vladimir Kraynev
Subscription The Chamber Evenings
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2013 March 26
Iglesia de la Encarnacion / Bilbao, Spain
ARS SACRA Festival in Spain
The Bilbao Festival of a sacred music

2013 March 22
Tchaikovsky Concert Hall
Weber Oberon
Opera in concert performance
Subscription Masterpieces and Premieres
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2013 March 7
Tchaikovsky Concert Hall
Jazz concert with Ivanov Brothers
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2013 March 5
Concert Hall of Russian Academy of Music
Musica Viva and Queen Elizabeth's School (Bruxelles) present
Subscription Silver Classics
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