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"Ouvertures virtuoses, temperament dramatique, sensibilite instrumentale, l'ecriture seduisante, moins creuse qu'il n'y parait, remarquablement argumentee par les excellents instrumentistes de Musica Viva, se devoile dans ce disque jubilatoire"

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Past Events

2012 November 16
Tchaikovsky Concert Hall
One of the best choir in Europe
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2012 November 12
Moscow Conservatory Big Hall
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2012 November 4
Moscow House Of Music
Minin And Pozharsky
The First Russian Oratory
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2012 October 26
Tchaikovsky Concert Hall
Masterpieces and Premieres
Soloist Robert Levin(USA)
Conductor Matthew Halls
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2012 September 24
Opera Theatre, Syktivkar
Tour to Syktivkar
Masterpieces and Premieres Festival

2012 September 8
Music Hall, Irkutsk
Tour to Irkutsk
Stars At Baikal Festival /artistic director Denis Matsuev/

2012 September 2
Kolomenskoe Museum
Moscow Town Day
open-air concert

2012 June 6
Tchaikovsky Concert Hall
World Opera Stars in Moscow
One of the most popular project of Moscow Philarmonic
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2012 May 8
France, Spain, Japan
La Folle Journée 2012
With its return from Japan, Music Viva marked the completion of an international tour under the auspices of one of Frances most outstanding festivals, La Folle Journée
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2012 May 6
Musica Viva in Tosu
In frames of La Folle Journee Festival in Japan
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